Merrylands Village

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Merrylands Village

Merrylands is set to modernise with Merc Capital’s proposed Merrylands Village which is to be located at 264 Woodville Road.

Meticulous attention to detail has gone into this project to ensure that the development will complement the neighbourhood and surrounding area.

An impressive mix of residential and commercial spaces, including a supermarket and hotel will transform the area into a bustling hub. All of this is to be surrounded by leafy green parkland, bikeways and footpaths ensuring a harmonious blend between new and old.

The proposed Merrylands Village development will allow for the creation of new employment opportunities as it serves to fill a need for commercial and residential space between Guildford and Merrylands.

The development proposal includes:

  • residential apartments;
  • 96 room hotel;
  • Substantial retail and commercial space on the ground level to include a supermarket; and
  • 100 child capacity childcare centre.