Dancers Square - Norwest

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Sydney’s Norwest Business Park is transitioning from business park to mixed-use area. As part of this, Merc Capital has proposed the addition of a new heart of the Norwest - Dancers Square at 1 Columbia Court.

The project will deliver an exciting mix of employment, living, recreation and entertainment spaces that locals and outside visitors will be able to enjoy.

The newly opened Norwest Station has been a catalyst for change and allows the area to be reimagined into a harmonious blend of mixed residential and commercial spaces. Dancers Square will play a vital role in transforming Norwest Business Park.

Concept plans for the Dancers Square development have evolved from a design competition involving some of the finest firms of architects in Australia and provide for an employment-based mixed-use site which is set to include:

  • A modern 300 room hotel tower;
  • Function and entertainment centre;
  • Commercial office tower;
  • Large public plaza;
  • Boutique retail and hospitality podium;
  • Childcare centre; and
  • Two spacious residential apartment towers.

Dancers Square will generate almost 2,500 new jobs for the area. The addition of this development will offer convenience to those already working and living in the area as well as providing exciting new opportunities for those wishing to work and live within North West Sydney.