93-107 Cecil Avenue

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93-107 Cecil Avenue

Through meticulous attention to detail and design excellence we have created a signature residential development within the heart of Castle Hill. The signature buildings contain 460 units all with high levels of residential amenity, set a benchmark for design whilst also providing complementary 8,025m2 of employment generating space which can be used as business premises, small scale retail premises and cafes / restaurants.

The residential component provides generous unit sizes and an appropriate unit mix, secured car parking, and communal open spaces for the public domain with easy access and good amenity. The Commercial floor space is employment generating, providing a significant opportunity for job growth in Castle Hill in a location which is highly accessible to public transport in the form of the under construction Castle Hill Metro station (530m to the North) and the significant bus network servicing The Hills region.

This project exemplifies Merc Capitals’ emphasis on creating visually appealing and practical solutions to the regions’ growing population requirements.